Friday, July 24, 2009

Fruits of Labour

Printablefakecash made $0.64 on it's first day of launch! That's a great sign, considering it's somewhat embarassingly amateur state right now.

I noticed some of the Adsense banners were displaying right, flat in the middle of the page. This was on a Mac using an old version of Safari, so hopefully it's limited to that. If anyone's reading this, would you kindly check out the site and tell me if it looks like it's formatted correctly on your computer?

Adsense is a weird beast, very hard to understand so far. I have been hashing out a few things, but I am far, far from understanding it. As far as I can tell, you have *no* control over where Google parks the ads on your site, all you control are the sizes of the ads. Weird...right?

I'm probably just doing something wrong. Also, my website shows up as "enter company name here" when I do a search for it. Uhh...? That may have been a first draft I uploaded days ago, but why hasn't the Google crawler updated my snippet? Errg.

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