Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Justhost Review

Our apartment just got a lot furrier! On Saturday, we adopted a 5 year old domestic short-hair cat named Alex, and, as you can see, he's already making himself right at home.
Printablefakecash has brought in $1.74 since it's launch last Thursday. Today and yesterday brought in exactly $0.00, so
I'll average it out to $1.75/wk, or $84.00/year if I can manage to maintain any sort of stability. The hosting & domain alone cost $56.00/year at Even if just I break even, I'll call it a win as an incredibly valuable learning experience.
Justhost is an ok hosting and domain service. I have a hard time fully endorsing them as their checkout process seemed intentionally confusing and misleading. They throw a lot of small money figures at you, $3.99/month for this and $0.50/month for that, but what they purposely don't say is that you'll be charged for a full two years of service. Suddenly what I expected to be a small credit card bill turned into a sizeable chunk.
I've tried Godaddy before and, quite simply, they're not as cheap. Justhost offers domain & hosting, with unlimited bandwidth for somewhere around $5/month. I didn't find a service that offered a more competitive rate, so in the end I went with them.
I haven't had to use their customer support, or anything like that yet, so it'd be hard to give them a full review. But so far they've provided exactly what I expected for a decent rate.
My July wrapup is coming up in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

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