Thursday, July 23, 2009

PrintableFakeCash is Live!

Yesterday, a hobbled, disfigured website emerged from my labors. Today, he stands proud and complete! Okay, not exactly bursting at the seams with content, but nevertheless, is now somewhat justified to have that domain name.

I spent a bit today working on content to upload to it. That was ... not easy. Abiding by all laws regulating the reproduction of bank notes, I spent a lot of time distorting the dollar bills, watermarking them, and formatting them into easy-to-cut worksheets (obviously destroying all originals at the end). The end product looks simple, the work was anything but.

Still, now I have enough content to justify linking the eHow article to the website. What's that really mean? Well, no more shunting out my hard-earned traffickers to fill the lines of somebody else's pockets. Instead, they will *hopefully* be directed toward content that I own 100%. Now, I've done all the meta tags, keywords, and SEO optimizing that a man can do without reading a book on it. The next big challenge will be trying to get my poor little website to crawl up the food chain in Google's search results.

That...might be the most complicated part of all. Maybe time to hit the library...

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