Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ta-Da! ...sort of

Booyeah! After about six hours of trial & error (plenty of learning along the way), my first pass at a website idea is up & running:

Ignore the placeholder text and behold the awesome logo! In truth, the logo took a lot longer than I should've let it, but I just had too much fun making the "FAKE" stamp effect. Right now there's a couple AdSense banners, but ideally this website will generate revenue from other areas. Stay tuned for details on that.

PS - Yes, I know it looks sketchy. I will have all appropriate disclaimers, all printable fake money will be clearly watermarked, etc. etc. Not intending to break any rules. It's a website for teachers!

eHow update: $53.92 so far with 9 more earning days in July!

I do love that eHow doesn't take weekends off :-). A couple of my new articles have been star performers. I basically spent about three hours reviewing a few lists of "Top 1,000 Keywords," and the results have been spectacular. I'll give specifics once I've exhausted them to their full potential.

If you ignore all the inappropriate searches (900 of the top 1,000) there are some really interestingly popular ones that I wouldn't have otherwise thought of.

The real trick is this: keywords alone won't tell you what article to write. Once you have a popular keyword, do a word tracker tool search and fine the full phrases people are looking for. Make sure nobody has written about it yet on eHow, and voila!

In unrelated news, we are getting a new roommate! Stay tuned for the big reveal on that.

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