Thursday, July 16, 2009

July So Far

July has been quite an interesting month so far. Gigs have slowed down for my job and main source of income, but internet revenue has picked up. We're still talking small, "don't quit your dayjob" type figures, but it's interesting nevertheless.

Even though I've only written two new articles for eHow, the Google indexing of my old articles must have finally caught up. Everyone talks about your eHow revenue taking roughly a month to catch up to it's full potential, and that's what I'm seeing right now. My July revenue as of yesterday (halfway through the month) is up to $36.00.

What's this mean? Well, I may have already surpassed my goal of $69.00 for my gym membership fees!

The main problem, here, is that I lack diversification of income streams. If eHow decides to stop paying their writers, which they can do at any time, my online revenue would be slashed in half, and my passive income revenue would be virtually nothing, and I'd be stuck with gym fees all over again.

My plan is to count my blessings but not waste any time: eHow is a great service, but not one to depend on at all. Every month I get paid from them I'll consider myself lucky (here's hoping their writer's compensation program lasts another ten years!), but still looking for other, more dependable sources of income. I'll still write a few articles here and there, as they come to me, but I can't afford to put 100% of my effort into them.

I have a couple ideas for decent money generating websites. Stay tuned!

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