Friday, July 31, 2009

Browser Compatibility, Printablefakecash v2.1 Up!

Just relaunched a new version of printablefakecash, with some tweaks to the banner ads. No more banners in the middle of the page, I think, so yay!

Now if I could only figure out the format for this blog. For whatever reason, whenever I make a post with an image, I can't make indents or spacing between paragraphs. No, I don't intend on writing huge run-on posts, but I've yet to figure out a workaround. Pretty annoying. I'll get there one day.

For now, the site shows up on the third page of Google's search results for "Printable Fake Money." Dang. Hopefully I can find ways to make it crawl toward the top, but then again maybe not. I'm still getting decent hits from the eHow article, for now.

Now to work on phase II for the site: subscription-based content.

Last day of July! eHow earnings will most likely topple $80 today!

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