Monday, June 8, 2009

Making Money While I Sleep (Or Don't Sleep)

It's been a pretty hectic week, with my girlfriend and I moving into our new place and me having the stitches taken out of my hand. Unfortunately I still have a splint and am forced to type at 50% speed. Once I found out I could get by without the painkillers, I forced myself to stop cold turkey. Maybe it was a harsh choice (you're apparently supposed to taper down), but to be honest I just really wanted a cold beer - I'd gone four weeks without a drop and was craving some ice cold, delicious Dead Guy Ale (I got a Growler of this stuff for my birthday - and haven't been able to drink it yet). We spent the sunny Saturday afternoon putting together an Edward Hopper puzzle by the windowside and sipping on yummy cold beers. No regrets!

Still, after only taking Percocet for three weeks, would you believe that I am actually going through some withdrawal?

The first day of no Percocet meant, basically, a dark black depression. I recognized this chemical imbalance as a side effect of withdrawal, and did my best to simply sleep it off.

Then came stage two of withdrawal: insomnia! I have had four action-packed days of unpacking into our new apartment, constructing huge piles of Ikea furniture, and wandering about Boston for hours on end - and yet I can't really sleep a wink. Hopefully this will subside soon...

The good news: my side projects continue to bring in revenue. The top reason I know I can live off passive income is because I'm a miserly pro at keeping my overhead costs low, real low. From the look of it, I stand to make anywhere between $20 and $30 this month in eHow earnings, with an additional $10 - $15 from affiliate marketing programs. And that's if I stopped writing new eHow articles and stayed at my current post count - 44.

My goal is to get my eHow earnings, and other passive online revenue, to pay for my overpriced gym membership - $69 a month. Yes, I know it's highway robbery (and I'm supposed to be an expert on saving money on gym fees). But the gym is one block away from me and is just a great, huge facility.

That's all for now, check back soon!

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